Wisdom's Ladder Coaching & Consulting is located in San Diego, California. Coaching is available to clients across the country and around the world via telephone, video chat, or in-person sessions.

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What do you need to get free?

What do you need to access or release in order to get free for clarity, creativity, healing, and confidence
for bold personal development and community building?

I offer transformational coaching for individuals, families, and organizations looking to create new strategies to overcome challenges, reach goals, and discover new pathways to personal, professional, and spiritual attainment. Beyond simple motivation or action-item accountability, my coaching is a holistic pursuit of pivotal change and actualization, rooted in indigenous traditions of facilitated development. I coach to get to the core of what you're wanting by tapping into the wisdom and resources of your mind, body, and spirit to expand your vision and breakthrough barriers.

Transformational coaching is comprehensive in nature and the effects of a compelling coaching relationship can be expansive. By combining modern techniques with a traditional healing approach, I guide you to deeper inquiries, support you in acute and fierce conceptualization, and usher you through perceived obstacles and limitations towards proficiency and fulfillment of stated goals and beyond.

With Wisdom's Ladder transformational coaching you can:

  • Design clear and viable pathways to achieve your goals
  • Tap into and expand your creativity
  • Begin healing from and repurposing your trauma
  • Increase your confidence and effectiveness
  • Uncover and release subconscious habits and thought patterns that keep you stuck
  • Refocus and align yourself to your deepest aspirations and purpose
  • Learn to practice and prioritize self-care
  • Identify and integrate your core values in your work and relationships
  • Establish practices for health, wellness, and  mindful/spiritual connection that work for you
Working with Fofie has been a life-changing experience. Her insight has helped alter how I view and ultimately tackle different challenges in my life and work. Just when I think I have looked at something from all angles she calmly uses her insight and wisdom to show me a better way. Thank you so much for all your guidance!
— L.M., Senior Vice President, Software Development Company



Many of us strive to realize our ambitions without losing sight of who we are and what we value. At any given time we feel conflicted by personal and professional commitments that pull us in different directions, unable to be fully present or our authentic selves at work or in our relationships, or we feel overwhelmed and out of balance with our health goals or spiritual/mindfulness practices. Often we find when we're able to address one or two of these areas with success, there is still an imbalance that leaves us unfulfilled and feeling disconnected.  

I use a holistic approach that aligns mind, body, and spirit to help bring forth your most authentic self, enabling you to set intentions and achieve goals that are both inwardly gratifying and externally rewarding.


As often as we feel we don’t have answers, there are times when we know exactly what to do, yet we can't bring ourselves to take the first step or make the necessary adjustments to do it. For example, we know the benefits of getting more exercise, eating right, and managing our time and money, but achieving these is a different story.

The result of the authentic alignment, heightened awareness, and deeper insight that transformational coaching helps you achieve is a natural shedding of layers that weigh down your productivity. What emerges is a new clarity and an emboldened confidence that empowers you to move freely and powerfully into compelling action. 


Fofie A. Bashir, Principal Coach

Fofie A. Bashir, Principal Coach


Sometimes we just feel blocked. Whether creatively, professionally, mentally, or spiritually, we all experience periods when we feel stuck, unable to move forward with our goals or in our relationships or careers. These periods are often intensified by counterproductive and disempowering thought patterns and behaviors--some consciously and some we don't even realize--that reinforce the barriers and keep us in a holding pattern.

I work with you to uncover the deeper causes of what keep you blocked, discard outmoded and restrictive habits, and gain new levels of insight to move beyond constraints with a heightened awareness to illuminate strategies and creative new directions.



Wisdom's Ladder transformational coaching is for anyone who is looking to break through barriers and find creative solutions to the issues that keep you from attaining your personal, relationship, community, and career goals.

Self-Care | Joy & Balance | Future Visualization
Goal Mapping | Family & Relationships | Career Transitions 

Spiritual Expansion | Actualization & Alignment 

Coaching is available to clients across the country and around the world via telephone, video chat, and in-person sessions.

Click here to schedule an exploratory coaching session at no cost.